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Get Ready
by working with us to draft progressive legislation

Who We Are

About Us

We are a group of volunteer lawyers, students, activists, veterans and independent media journalists looking to identify and implement progressive legislation that will protect working families, the environment, minorities and the oppressed



Developing Progressive legislation an policy for working families, communities and activists dismayed by the surge of right wing conservative policies and we are looking to implement progressive policy.



To make progressive policy,legislation and accessible for elected representatives and activists at the local level.



Our values is to work towards a society where we have shared prosperity and equal justice for all.

What We Do

Our Services

We provide following services


Drafting and creating model legislation implementing our progressive principles


Providing policy analysis and research for various progressive policy ideas


Providing educational tool kits and conducting workshops relating to progressive legislative, regulatory and executive action alternatives

Model Legislation

Providing a downloadable library of model legislation for your progressive causes locally.

How we Work

Our Process

This is how we can help you

Identify a Key Issue

Once you identify a key issue, please approach us on how we can help you.

Research Local Procedures

We research local procedures to help figure out how to enact legislation

Draft Legislation

We draft the legislation and give you a plan to help enact such a legislation on a local level

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