To support the progressive movement by promoting initiatives that:
  1. Help working and middle class families achieve the American Dream;
  2. Foster and expand the democratic process;
  3. Safeguard the environment and life on our planet for current and future generations;
  4. Ensure equal rights for all of our diverse people; and
  5. Protect the most vulnerable in our society.


LEAP champions:
  1. An economy that generates well-paying meaningful jobs for the entire workforce and that fairly distributes wealth;
  2. An inclusive political process that is not controlled by moneyed interests and that facilitates rather than obstructs the ability of people to vote and participate in the democratic process;
  3. A rapid transition from fossil fuel-based energy to renewable energy;
  4. Affordable quality health care as a right for all people;
  5. A criminal justice system that holds police accountable for acts of brutality, insists on a humane system of sentencing and incarceration, promotes the rehabilitation of criminals and prosecutes organizations and individuals who commit financial crimes;
  6. Effective and compassionate substance abuse programs to combat the growing addiction epidemic;
  7. Affordable housing for all;
  8. An education system that provides access to free quality education for all from early childhood through college;
  9. Comprehensive equality for all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or age;
  10. Freedom of speech and assembly and freedom of the press that includes an independent media with public funding;
  11. A woman's right to choose whether to terminate a pregnancy and to control her own body;
  12. A fair and humane immigration policy;
  13. Rational gun safety to protect the public;
  14. The security and well-being of children and the elderly;
  15. The safety and well-being of non-humans with whom we share this planet;
  16. Support of and encouragement for the arts including public support without government control.


LEAP is committed to:
  1. Playing a unifying role in the progressive movement as a whole and among diverse single issue groups;
  2. Partnering with elected officials, unions, progressive organizations, grass roots activists, citizens, and candidates for elective office to support their local efforts;
  3. Building cohesion among the broad working and middle class to create a diverse, strong and united front against the narrow financial interests of a small minority.


About Us

Legislation to Advance Progress (“LEAP”) is a newly formed organization dedicated to serving the needs of activists, citizens, progressive organizations, candidates for elective office, and elected officials by identifying existing and helping to create model state and local progressive legislation. These laws will be bold and consistent with the progressive vision of placing people's needs before narrow financial interests of a small minority. LEAP will also evaluate and develop regulations and executive orders, and contribute to briefs in support of litigation, consistent with implementing our mission. Our members include lawyers, scientists, professors and activists from across the country. Our initial Board of Directors is comprised of David Dubrow, Natalie Holme Elsberg and Tiffany Heath.

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